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ResScan 5.1 CPAP Data Software Full Version [Latest 2022]




You can also access a variety of other patient data management functions such as ECG and EEG data analysis and cardiac or neurological event detection using the ResMed Alert™ application. ResMed Axxess For people who are: In good health with no known illness or condition In good general health Healthy and active 18 years of age or older ResMed Axxess is a convenient, user-friendly, web-based platform designed to give people who are in good health with no known illness or condition access to a wide range of useful information about their own health, such as reports of their heart rate and blood pressure. The Axxess platform enables you to: View your current weight and BMI See a numerical comparison of your personal health data with the population norm and health benchmarks Compare your body measurements against the expected age and gender for your height and weight Track your overall and blood pressure View the most recent measurements for your BMI and resting heart rate Compare these to previous values View your own food, exercise and sleep details Identify what kinds of foods, exercise, and sleep habits are important for you to improve your lifestyle View your most recent details of medication, vitamins and minerals that you are taking or have taken in the past Access your medical history Generate and view an X-ray image of your kidneys and bladder Access your blood tests from the past year, including cholesterol, triglycerides, glucose, urea, creatinine and thyroid hormone levels View your doctor’s report View the results of laboratory tests and scans Tune into your upcoming appointments and scheduled events Get the latest news and information about medical conditions, drug recalls, new FDA approved drugs, and product recalls You can also take the ResMed Axxess with you and access your records wherever you are, using the ResMed Mobile App. Technology The ResMed Axxess software is made up of the following components: Mobile App: Access your data from the palm of your hand. Connect Bluetooth Module: The Axxess Bluetooth Module connects to the ResMed Mobile App and allows you to send your measurements to the app, with the option of doing so automatically on a schedule. USB Computer: The Axxess USB Computer allows you to access your data with your own computer. PC software



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ResScan 5.1 CPAP Data Software Full Version [Latest 2022]

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